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From the Big Bike for the Heart Stroke Foundation, 100,000 rubber ducks being dumped down a river, to peddle driven indy cars racing for kids with cancer… Creation Republic has been the driving force behind unique programs that have risen well in to the hundreds of millions of dollars for North America’s largest non profit organizations and the magic behind world renowned wellness & healing events.

“Alone we can do so little… together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

Who we've worked with

"You made our passion and dreams a reality!

The Allied Charitable Foundation is a non-profit society dedicated to providing an offering of healing through hosting retreats for Veterans and First Responders suffering with PTSD. When we began this journey, we truly did not know how we were going to achieve our goals. When Paul and his team came on board amazing results were seen in record time. Online invitation systems were generated, spreadsheets, databases were created and populated with data that provided a very professional package to our clients. The team at CR worked tirelessly and brought with them connections to a plethora of amazing human beings that dedicate their lives to helping other people heal. In May, 2019 the Foundation was able to host our inaugural healing retreat on Quadra Island, BC. As a result of Paul’s work, some amazing healing was able to happen for several participants. The bottom line is that without the incredible work of Paul and his team we would never have been able to provide such a complete, professional and powerful experience for our participants! The results from our first retreat were so successful that we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with this incredible group as we continue to host retreats and give a little back to those that have sacrificed so much! Thank you CR!!! "

John Hughes Executive Director | Allied Charitable Foundation

"As a paramedic newly diagnosed with PTSD...

the treatment and healing options were overwhelming. I was invited to the inaugural retreat on Quadra Island for veterans and first responders, it was perfect timing. A small group of passionate, caring, and knowledgeable leaders guided workshops in healing drums, meditation, breath work, and yoga. There was so much camaraderie and trust that developed between the participants. It was a safe space to be vulnerable and to let others hear your story. It also gave me a good opportunity to listen to other people who were in similar situations to me. There is something profound when you realize that you are not alone. The organizers were professional and well versed in healing retreats. I do not hesitate to recommend this type of retreat put on by this incredible team. First responders and veterans, with PTSD or not, would greatly benefit from a weekend of this nature."

Trevor Beckley Guest | Allied Foundation Healing Retreat, Quadra Island

"I will never work with another event company again...

The team at Creation Republic completely transformed my event with their out of the world event planning capabilities and their unique knowledge of the wellness space. Nobody has this perfect combination of expertise. Truly one-of-a-kind."

Jessica Joines Best selling author, Speaker, Coach | Founder of Women's Purpose Retreat

"WUB was a weekend I will not forget...

Not only does the staff consider all travel, dining and lodging logistics they also plan for the aesthetics of the workshop rooms. The views from the mediation rooms were stunning! The itinerary included the perfect amount of a variety to be interesting, but not overwhelming. Plus, the event was wisely planned with repeating sessions so attendees could take full advantage of almost all of the classes."

Rose Puntillo WUB Gathering Banff

"It's hard to find the words...

to describe the incredible experience I had. Waking up this morning feeling like a transformed, stronger, more grounded and completely recharged woman sums it up. Paul and his teams genuine vision and compassion to create a safe , nurturing, loving place to educate people and facilitate spiritual healing and exploration is beyond applaudable. Everyone needs to feel the "WUB" that this event emits. Thank you to everyone involved from the bottom if my heart. Love and light to all of you."

Jennifer Donovan WUB Tour Calgary

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” —

– Albert Einstein


Our passion is contagious, and creating events that positively impact the world around us is what we live for. Quite simply it’s what we’re good at.


From idea to execution, we offer full-service event creation and development.


Integrity and our ability to continually deliver flawless execution year over year is why some of our clients have trusted us with their livelihood for close to three decades.


From well established nationwide events to something in its infancy, we have an experienced management and operations team that simply gets things done.


Our approach is honest, transparent and ego free. Whether its sourcing and negotiating a venue, booking world class speakers, or ensuring every little detail is perfect the day of…our experience allows us to offer vast and highly valuable resources and guidance.


Our mission is to provide support and expertise to charities and groups who share our passion for improving mental health and expanding overall wellbeing.


From building retreats that help veterans and first responders heal from PTSD, to helping conscious minded CEO’s bring wellness into the corporate world, we’ve become industry leaders providing wellness and transformational experiences that profoundly impact lives.


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    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi